Civic Philanthropy: Transit

This is part of a short series on Civic Philanthropy. For an introduction, please read my first post on the subject: How Can Cities Leverage Donations?

Transit infrastructure is imperative to a city’s success. Whether by way of roads, sidewalks, bike paths, streetcars, light rail, subway, or personal flying pods, people need to get around. I believe that infrastructure (and specifically transportation infrastructure) should be at the top of a government’s list when it comes to spending money. It is a shared amenity that benefits all within the city and allows the city’s residents and businesses to function.

Unfortunately, most of our nation’s (and certainly here in Los Angeles) infrastructure is crumbling. Bridges are failing, roads are sinking, trains are slow… because the government has not invested as it should. There’s obviously needs to go around. Education is important, police are important, some of the bureaucratic positions may or may not be important… but money needs to go to lots of things. Infrastructure often gets pushed aside until it’s too late. And now, it’s getting to be too late.

Thomas Wayne built Gotham's transit system as a gift to the people (and to support his business) in Batman Begins.

Like Bruce Wayne’s father in Batman Begins, I see an incredible opportunity for cities to court businesses and individuals to help improve the transit system in their city.

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